Elton Racing Stables Bell House Lumbars Lane Elton Gloucestershire GL14 1LH
Tel 07891 496 837
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John O'Shea Racing
John O'Shea Racing
John O'Shea Racing
John O'Shea Racing
John O'Shea Racing
John O'Shea Racing

Our Facilities

Elton racing stables are located at Bell House off Lumbars Lane near Westbury on Severn in the Forest of Dean. It’s a superb location for training. It is a truly peaceful environment to work in, we have no traffic noise and we genuinely believe this has a beneficial impact on the health and wellbeing of our horses.


We can comfortably stable 25 horses. 11 of these are housed within a large barn with a further 14 in a separate stable block, and each of these have really great views!

That may seem more suited to a hotel brochure than a stables, but it is an important point, as some horses really do appreciate to being able to see the beautiful natural environment around them and will get anxious or unhappy if they don’t have a view, while others prefer the more enclosed communal environment.

With the close attention we pay to all our horses we will soon spot if a horse is not entirely happy with its stabling arrangements, and we can address that.

All Weather Lunge Arena

We have a large fibre sand filled lunge arena where the horses can relax after training. Being fibre sand this space is available all year round (never freezes or floods).

Some of the horses really love just rolling around in the fibre sand as soon as they are allowed in – it’s a joy to watch them.

Covered Horse Walker

We have a 5 Horse Walker which we use to warm up the horses prior to starting training or they may go in here for a spell if their specific training schedule has allocated them an easy day, or as part of a rehabilitation process. For horses that are recovering from strains and knocks we have access to Equine Spa facilities and Water Treadmills just a short drive away. We also use these for horses who we feel just need a little freshening up. Who doesn’t love a Spa Day?! This is just another example of the attention to detail and the deep understanding of the horses and their moods and needs.

Schooling Fields

Our schooling fields are set up with starter fences, hurdles and National Hunt regulation fences.
If we feel any horses will benefit from more specialist facilities, we have access to these in Lambourne (about 1 hour away).


We have a number of post and rail paddocks available for the horses to use after working out. Here they can relax in absolute peace and quiet, roll around on the grass or depending on their characters and individual needs, spend quiet time with another horse(s).

The wellbeing of the horses is so important to us not just because we love horses but also because a happy, contented horse will always train harder and perform better than an unhappy one – and on race days that can make the difference.

Latest news

The Lion Strikes second
January 3rd, 2024

The Lion Strikes second at Wolverhampton. Ridden by Gina Mangan for The Cross Racing Club.


Romanovich third
June 5th, 2023

Romanovich third at Brighton, ridden by Darragh Keenan


Letter of the law second
June 5th, 2023

Letter of the law second at Brighton , ridden by Taylor Fisher